“CHRISTRANS” is a privately owned company, established in 1989. We are proud to be the first shipping agency laying the foundation of professional approach in maritime industry at port of Burgas, Bulgaria

More than 25 years we have been enhancing our efforts to stay self-motivated and customer-orientated agency. We are entrepreneurs by nature, professionally skilled in various types of maritime industry trends, providing competitive and tailored solutions to any customers’ requirements, preferences & demands. We are a well experienced and dedicated team striving to accomplish the aim of 



  • Staying recognizable to our customers by conducting confident and successful management through a policy rooted in gaining trust in all our past and future customers;
  • Maintaining a strong and integrity based relationship with the local authorities so to ensure immediate and efficient results for all parties concerned - shipowners, operators & charterers;
  • Providing a variety of high quality services making our company true concurrent and versatile to the newly developed business traits in maritime industry;